poondi mahan

Poondi Mahan is a great Sage of modern time. Swamy's name, Parent's name, birth place are unknown. Swamy was found like a mad man roaming near poondi village, which is located near Tiruvannamalai Tamilnadu, South India, hence the poondi village name attached with swamy.

Poondi mahan also called with various names like poondi swamy, poondi swamiyar, poondi mystic, poondi saint. In 1959 Swamy stopped roaming and started sitting in a pyal of small home until his samadhi day of 1978. This generation people won't belive that a saint was sitting in the same place for 19 years without walking. Lakhs and Lakhs people witnessed this miracle and got blessings from Poondi mahan. Most of his devotees considered him as a incarnation of lord Shiva other belive that he is incarnation of Loard Muruga or Lord Krishna. Swamy is always in Parabhraman state. A constant stream of people visited Poondi for seeking spiritual guidance, consolation in grief, experience of his presence and for various purpose.

Swamy attained Videgha Samadthi in 03-Nov-1978, at the same day swamy appeared at Thiruchendur and gave dharsan for devotees, which shows his immortality. Devotees still visiting Poondi and experiencing his power of presence.

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