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Thiru V.Sundararajan


Shri V.Sundararajan is the direct disciple of Sri Poondi Mahan. He is blessed to have relationship with Swamiji. He used to talk with Swamiji with rights. He comoposed many devotional songs about swamiji. He has written a book about Swamiji in Tamil language “Vaasi Yoga Nayagan Athisiya Gnana Siddhar Sri Poondi Attru Swamigal”. He initiated and funded for the construction of this website“”.


My native place is Tiruvannamalai. An old woman who is our family friend often used to come to my house from kalasapakam village. One day she explained me about the severe Tapas (Yogi) state of Sri Poondi Mahan . She also told that Sri Poondi Mahan is an Avadar Purusha who was doing Tabas without any break on his feces (ie. The waste materials comes out from the rectum of the human body). On hearing those words from that lady, I got bliss and surprise, and I wanted to have “Dharshan” of Sri Poondi Mahan.

I think that was in the year 1969, I went to poondi village and got the “Dharshan” of Swamiji. I did not know that on the day of having Swamiji’s Dharshan would be the good day for paving path for “Gnana Upadesam” in my future days.

On the day of first meeting itself, I determined that Swamiji would be my “Guruji” and “God”. At that time I was working as Co-operative sub Registrar (Government Officer) at Arni town. After Swamiji’s dharshan, I always remembering him. My mind and attention was with Swamiji. I attended all my works in thought of Swamiji and I completely surrendered myslef to Swamiji.

Wherever I went and to whomever I talked, I always explained about the miracles of Swamiji and that was my routine and steady life. I often went to poondi without minding any time to have “Dharshan” of Swamiji. As I was in Government service, I was not able to have Swamiji’s “Dharshan” frequently but whenever I had chance and time, I never failed to go to poondi to have Swamiji’s “Dharshan”.

Every year there will be festivals for CHITRA POURNAMI and THAI POOSAM in Poondi. I used to take part in those festivals without fail. Every moth there will be “ Pournami Pooja’(Full moon day festival). I used to take part in that pooja also. Whenever I went to Poondi to have Swamiji’s “ Dharsan” , I never returned to my residence on the same day because my mind never allowed to do that. The reason for this is Swamiji’s mercy look and love upon me made me not to return from the same day. I never return to my residence without Swamji’s permission. From the period between the year 1969 to 1978 ( i.e until Swamiji’s Samadhi Day) my living days were fruitful and mind was with full of Joy and love. In all times, Swamij’s love, mercy and his grace sight merged with my heart.

Devotees living in Poondi village and devotees coming from other places showed their love upon me. Sri Subramaniya Swamy and Sri Vijayrangan showed their love upon me. I will never forget the love shown by them. Whenever I arrive to Poondi for Swamiji’s Dharsan Sri Subramaniya Swamy and Sri Vijayarangan used to present there with me . Even when I was away from Poondi village, Sri Vijayrangan used to enquire Swamiji about me, out of affection upon me. When ever I went to Poondi Sri Vijairangan used to tell me the discussions with Swamiji. We were happy about remembering Swamiji. After some years Sri Vijayrangan passed away . However the matters discussed by him with Swamigal and his hand written copies of conversation are available with us. The matters about me came from the mouth of Swamiji were written by Vijayrangan and I am greatly indebted to him. Sri Sivakanthan has written a book about “Biography of Poondi Mahan” in which he has mentioned about Sri Vijayrangan as a Yogi without beared. Some of the conversation between Swamiji and Sri Vijayarangan are given below.


Sri Vijayrangan used (daily in the early morning) switch on speaker set for playing devotional songs at the abode of Swamiji. One night when he was sleeping in his house a jewel box was stolen by someone. Knowing the theft of jewel , in the morning as usual he switched on speaker set and stood before Swamiji without informing the theft incident. At that time Swamiji laughingly said “One person who slept in the school lost his education and one who slept in the bed lost his jewel box”. When Vijayrangan wanted to know about the thief Swamiji told that “the thief met Swamiji and got Vibuthi ( the sacred ash) on the previous day of theft” . Sri Vijayrangan asked Swamiji whether he would get back the jewels or whether he could lodge police complaint. Swamiji replied that you might do so. Afterwards he came to know that one of his relation had taken away the jewels.


One day Vijayrangan wanted to go to Chennai. He met Swamiji and jokingly told Swamiji that “ I do not have any income to run my family. I want to go to Chennai to attend some work. I do not expect and anybody’s help at Poondi”. At that time Swamiji told “ Don’t say like that even a split is useful to prick the tooth”.

After that Sri Vijayrangan went to Chennai and got down at particular place. He called an autorickshaw . What a wonder ? Swamiji photo was found in that autorickshaw . On seeing the photo of Swamiji, Sri Vijayrangan was very glad. He realized that Swamiji wanted him to remember him in Chennai and so he had sent that particular autorickshaw.


When I was at Arni town I was unable to go to Poondi for some days. Without seeing me for several days Sri Vijayrangan was worried and he wanted to see me immediately. But he did not know my address. He made an idea to enquire Swamiji about my address. He met Swamiji and asked the address of E.O (C) Extension officer cooperation for that question, Swamiji replied “ You go to Arni town ,from the bus stand go to the police station, walk a small distance on the road adjoining to Police station and turn. If you turn you can see a bunk. From the bunk you can find out a house surrounded by coconut trees. That is E.O( C) ‘s house . With those details Sri Vijayrangan located my residence and come to my house. Swamiji is God. He knows everything. No matters can escape from Swamiji‘s sight. This is a typical example of Swamiji‘s miracle. Swamiji without visiting the residence of devotees, he solved the problems and worries of devotees at the moment when they prayed out from their residences.

I do not know that how many times Swamiji visited my house. Who knows about that.


Question: One day Sri Sri Vijayrangan stood before Swamiji and asked Swamiji What E.O. ( c) sir is doing now?

Funny reply of Swamiji: He is doing “Prarthanai” (Prayer) in lake and doing “Karpoora Arathanai” in his house.

Explanation for Swamiji’s Reply: I lived with my family at Arni town. I was working as Extension Officer (Co-operation) at the Arni Panchayat Union office. Every day after finishing my work I used to go to Paiyoor lake at Arni daily at about 7 Pm. Sitting on the floor in the lake I used to do prayer by singing Swamiji songs composed by me with Swamiji’s grace. At that time I noticed a flashlight on the lake water at a corner. When I noticed that flash light continuously on the opposite direction another flashlight was moving on the water. Both flash lights were passing and bashing each other and again moving in their own direction. Witnessing that divine show I did prayer on Swamiji with full of faith immediately after returned to my house I used to do “Karpoora Arathana(firing small camphor)” before Swamiji’s photo. That was my daily routine. I think that Swamiji noticed my routine prayer through his “Gnana Dhirushtee” and told Sri Vijayarangan with the funny word “ ie. E.G.(C) do Prarthanai”(prayer) at lake and do “Deepa Arathanai”(Karpoora Arathi) at his house. Swamiji was watching my daily activities. In this birth (Janma) I think that I have attained Swamiji grace.

Question : Swamiji what is the stage of E.O.(C) Sir (Sundararajan)

Swamiji’s Reply: “He is burning sugar cane. I have to dig well and for that he need to purchase jumper medicne. I gave seed , which is not properly sown to grow. What I can do? Land is good. (Tamil: “Panpatta Nilam”) no body can win the fate, semen has become poison.”

Question: Swamiji why EO(C) Sir often coming here for your “Dharshan”?

Reply: He is praying (doing Pooja) for everybody’s welfare.

Question Made by Sri Vijayarangan on 08.01.1971

Question: What E.O.(C) Sir is doing now?

Reply: He is singing prayer songs with his friend and Kanchipuram Swamiji (ie. Sri Ramasami Swamiji, Kanjipuram Ekabara nathar Temple). After taking five teas and Briyani,

Explanation: As I had “Dharshan of Sri Poondi Mahan, Some times I used to go to Kanchipuram to have “Dharshan” of Sri Siva Swami Who was doing Yogic Tabas” at Ekambara Eswarar Temple. On 08.01.1971 I went Kanchipuram and met Sri Sivasami Swamiji. He told me to fetch Briyani to Swamiji. Myself being a Vegetarian, I thought what could I do if Swamiji wished me to take Briyani. Immediately Swamiji understood that matter and asked me to go away.

But I was still standing there with a intention to offer him Briyani again. Then Swamiji sat down and I also sat down with Swamiji. Swamiji asked me to open the Briyani packet. He ate only the rice leaving the meat and asked to eat with him. I was not having mind to refuse Swamiji’s order. I did not hesitate to take Briyani as I felt that it was the test made by Sri Poondi mahan. I could not resist and also I took the rice partially. Before eating Briyani I thought that Briyani was given by Poondi mahan as Prasadam my friend who came with me also ate Briyani. Then we had tea. After that I sang devotional songs on sri Poondi mahan and Sri Siva swami. I left Kanchipuram with the permission Sri Ramasami Swamiji and reached Poondi. But when I got down in Poondi village. I thought of meeting and telling Sri Poondi mahan about the incident that happened at Kanchipuram temple. But when I got down at Poondi village Sri vijayarangan fortunately met me. He told me he asked Swamiji that What I was doing on 08.01.1971. Swamiji replied that I prayed that I prayed devotional songs with my friend in presence of Kanchipuram Sri Siva swami after eating Briyani and Tea.

In sitting Poondi, Swamiji exactly said what happened in Kanchipuram. What a miracle?

I didn’t know about the connection between me and Swamiji in my previous birth. But in this birth Swamiji should showed me love and mercy which ran as blood.

That mercy and sympathy upon me shown by Swamiji is ever for me. Let us see now in detail about the sympathy and mercy shown upon me by Swamiji.


When ever I went to poondi I never failed to stay in the night at Poondi village. One night when I was staying at poondi village I was not able to sleep. Hence my full thought was on Swamiji and i was doing meditation on the mid night. When I was doing meditation I wanted to see Swamiji immediately I went near Swamiji and removed the screen that was in front of Swamiji. Even I thought Swamiji was sleeping. I did not know that Swamiji was in the awakened state.

I prayed in my mind to Swamiji “If you kick me by your sacred leg I will raise to an upper stage”. At the moment Swamiji raised up his one sacred leg before me and full fill my desire.” From that day to till day I am living with spiritual life with Swamiji’s mercy and grace.


Swamiji was sitting on the pyal for more than 19 years. While sitting for more than 19 years he never spitted anything from his mouth (sale phlegm and other food items) nobody had seen that.

One day Thiru Namasivaya Mudaliyar (milk vender in Arni town) and myself went to Poondi village to have Swamiji’s dharshan both stood before Swamiji and prayed him. Swamiji may take the eatables given by the devotees if he wishes. Sometimes he would keep them in his mouth without eating.

On that day Swaniji was keeping full of his mouth with fruits, sweets etc. offered by devotees. Swamiji did not swallowing them for a long time. When we noticing this, we thought that Swamiji was feeling inconvenient in swallowing these sweets, fruits etc. we both feel the miserable condition of Swamiji because he would not spit them from his mouth to the floor. We requested Swamiji to spit them in out palms.

Thiru Namasivaya Mudaliyar at once got them in his palms from Swamiji’s mouth. We both requested Swamiji whether we could eat them. Swamiji gave permission by nodding his head. We both took them with equal share. We did not disclose that matter to anybody and kept as secret one. Now the time has come to reveal this matter Thiru. Namachivaya Mudaliar in no more now and he passed away. Now a days, It is very rare to get “Dharshan” of great Sidda Purusha,Avadar Purusha and Ganani. It is not necessary to point out that the ”Prasadam” given by Sri Poondi mahan from his mouth is highly previous and gracious one. We were very fortunate enough in this regard.


There was a saint in Tiruvannamalai. His name was “Guru Namashivayar”. He was the disciple of “Kugai Namashivayar (Kugai means Cave)” one day Kugai Namashivayar gave certain thing taken from his mouth to Guru Namachivayar. He asked Guru Namachivayar to put in a place where there was no people’s movement. Guru Namachivayar thought that, his stomach was the proper place where there was no people movement and hence swallowed the thing given by his Guru. That incident proves that how a disciple should behave with maturity of mind and should be pious to Guru


In the year 1978 I went to Tiruvannamalai to celebrate “Deepavali Festival” in my house. After the festival I went to Arni. Before reaching Arni on the way I got down at poondi village that day was Wednesday. On that night I did not sleep. Hence I went near Swamiji to have Dharshan. I removed the screen in front of Swamiji ,I thought that Swamiji would be sleeping. But Swamiji was sitting instead of sleeping, Swamiji called “subramani subramani !!. I woke up subramaniyan swami and told him that Swamiji was calling him. Thiru subramaniya swami got up and catch the shoulder of Swamiji told” why should I sit and stand up unnecessarily. It is better to do “Abishegam” straight away (Abishegam means pouring sacred water on the entire body of Swamiji).Swamiji indirectly said that ”He will take his final Abishegam”.We shocked and cried with fear and said Aiyoo! Aiyoo!! (Aiyoo means Alas). We did not expect such words from Swamiji.

I thought that Swamiji was reaching his final stage and who could stop that. When Swamiji told to do Abishegam straight away he did not mention the time and date. Since we were in very sad mood we did not ask Swamiji anything further.

I was shocked since I entrusted my complete faith and all my future to Swamiji. I believe that Swamiji who equivalent to God will guide me in future. I thought that if I did not have his blessing what would be my future. Swamiji at once understood my sorrowful mind and said that the “Dharshan of great man would always be good” that was the last word I had from Swamiji. In my life I have not seen such a Ganani (UTTAMA GNANI). Swamiji did not expose his greatness.


After night pooja was over every day flowers were spread over Swamiji’s pyal. Once when Swamiji was sitting on the flowers, a devotee came and asked flower from Swamiji. At that time I was also present there. Eventhough plenty of flowers were there on the bed. He searched and gave one flower to that devotee. After receiving the flowers the devotee had gone away.

I thought that “I never got a flower from Swamiji with his blessings”. So I also wished to have flowers from Swamiji. Hence I prayed Swamiji and asked with right “could did not got flower from you “. Swamiji already fore sited my thought and he had kept one flower on his thigh. Swamiji by his eye sight directed me to take the flower which was kept on his thigh.

By this action of Swamiji, I got boundless joy because he gave me the right to take the flower . This action of Swamiji proved the boundary less mercy and love upon me.


One day after having samiji’s Dharshan I went to polur to meet the block development officer (BDO). I entered into his room, BDO does not know me and where I am coming from. While I am enterting his room, suddenly pleasant smell came.BDO surprised and sense the same pleasant smell in poondi Swamy abode.I introduced myself as E.O.C to B.D.O and told him “I am coming from poondi after having the dharshan of poondi swamy”. B.D.O told me “Are you the devotee of swamiji and working as EOC?. I heard about you and but this is the first time I am seeing you. Swamiji also has come with you that’s why the same smell at Swamji abode is coming at this place”..


For one Pournami(FullMoon Day)pooja, I am unable to attend pooja in time. When pooja was doing at Poondi, I was in polur and missed the bus. Since I missed pooja I was worried. After pooja was over I was late and had Swamiji’s Dharshan. While I was doing prayer Sri Subramaniya Swami questioned Sri poondi mahan “why the extension officer had come after pooja was over”. Swamiji replied that the extension officer had come already. Swamiji fore sited that even though I did not physically present and attend pooja my mind was is in pooja, while I was at polur. This incident shows that Swamiji can see each and every matters through “Gnana Dhirushti”.


One day an English man put a question before Swamiji

Question: Swamiji! How to control angry?

Swamiji’s reply: “G.O. going”

English man did not understand anything. I also did not understand the meaning of Swamiji’s words. I thought the letters G.O. as Government order. I did not know the connection between the English man’s question and Swamiji’s reply. English man left poondi without understanding Swamiji’s reply. Thiru.Vijayarangan and myself wanted to know the Meaning of Swamiji’s reply. So we asked Swamiji the meaning of G.O. going. Swamiji said that the letters G.O. as go i.e. Swamiji told the English man to go away. We both laugh at the funny meaning of Swamiji. Swamiji also laughed with us.

Again we both asked Swamiji that what would be the way for controlling angry?

Swamiji reply: Control the five sense organs in the body.

Question: How to control the five sense organs?

Reply: “Control the mind”

Question: How to control the mind?

Reply: “Practice mind destruction”

Question: How to do mind destruction?

Reply: First find out the place of origination of all thoughts do not allow thoughts to rise up from the place of origination and destroy them there and there in the same place of origination.

Explanation: When the thoughts of a man originated in the mind. The thoughts should not be developed and put into an action. Instead, mind should be controlled and the action induced by the mind should be stopped and prevented.


One day I was standing before Swamiji and doing prayer. Sri Swamiji tole me “you should have an eye over “ARIYA KOOTHU”( Ariya koothu means thinking of God) even though you are doing “KARIYA KOOTHU”(Kariya koothu means works related to worldly affairs). Swamiji advised me to be always in divine and spiritual thoughts.

Swamiji tested whether I had the maturity to use my cloth for whipping the nose. From this incident I had an opportunity to serve Swamiji and felt happy about it.


My father was residing in Tiruvannamalai. He was suffering from chronic Stomach pain. I told my father that if he had dharson of Sri Poondi Mahan the stomach pain would be cured automatically and he did not take any medicine for his stomach pain. My father on hearing my words and wanted to have the blessing of Swamiji for curing his stomach pain. One day I went to poondi with my father to have Swamiji Dharshan. We both met Swamiji and prayed him.

My father told to Swamiji “I am having chronic Stomach pain and I am not able to bear the pain. Swamiji you have to bless me and cure the stomach pain” Swamiji replied “curing of your stomach pain is only in your hand” on hearing the swamiji reply my father laughed. My father used to drink liquor, often. Swamiji knows the reason for his stomach pain through Gnana Thrishti and advised my father indirectly to stop drinking liquor. My father returned to Tiruvannamalai and followed Swamiji’s Valuable advice. Accordingly he stopped the habit of drinking liquor. He was cured from stomach pain and work happily . My father always felt about the kindness and mercy showed by Swamiji.


One day when I was standing before Swamiji and praying for a long time. Swamiji was on his pyal saying words “Amma Amma”.

I thought that Swamiji was having some pain in his body and hence I felt very sorry about it. Knowing my thought Swamiji immediately put his right hand on the right side the stomach. I did not understand the action of Swamiji. Afterwards, I obtained permission from Swamiji for my journey.

After I reached my house, I felt sudden stomach pain on the right side of my stomach. My stomach was bulged. I came to know that Swamiji touched his stomach to indicate the pain which was having in my stomach. After examining and consulting the doctor I came to know that I was having aches in my liver and i was in serious condition. Swamiji felt that I would be afraid of it If i came to know the serious condition of my liver. Hence Swamiji indirectly pointed out my illness and he did not disclose the fact. Swamiji immediately made remedy secretly for my illness by his grace and saved my life, given re-birth to me. I cannot forget this incident throughout my life time.


My mother was living at Tiruvannamalai. She was searching a bride for my younger brother. Hence she wanted to get Poondi mahan’s blessings. Myself and my mother went to poondi and met Sri Swamiji for his blessings.

My mother told to Swamij “There is a girl in kasthambadi village, Can I select here as a bride for my younger son?”

Swamiji’s reply:Amma! Is it be possible whatever we think can happen?

From Swamiji repl my mother realized the “It is not possible to fulfill all our wishes”. Swamiji uttered negative word like “cannot do, it is impossible, Will not help” etc. Hence Swamiji gave reply to my mother in the form of question “can we do whatever we like” instead to say not possible.


One day I was standing and doing prayer before Swamiji. Swamiji did not mind about the flowing of mucus from his nose. Since he was affected by severe cold. Swamiji did not attend any work for himself at any time. Similarly, he did not wipe and clean his running nose. I wanted to wipe and remove the mucus from Swamiji nose. Hence I took the clothes from Swamiji thigh. Swamiji immediately pulled the clothes from my hand and kept with him. However I wanted to wipe his nose hence I used my dhothi to wipe the nose. Swamiji did not respond for my action.

17. GURU Sthothirm upon Sri Poondi mahan

I wanted to pray Swamiji with “Guru Sthothiram”. But I never asked Swamiji to help me for writing “Guru Sthothiram” by his grace. Swamiji know my idea in my mind. Accordingly Swamiji passed his glance in my mind and made me to write devotional songs upon Swamiji. I sang those songs on many occasions before Swamiji. I sang these songs when pooja was doing for Swamiji. If devotees pray those “Sthothiram” during prayer and pooja they will attain Swamiji’s grace and all greatness in life. I pray Poondi Mahan with my pious mind and with love for the goodness of all devotees.

With grace of Sri Poondi Mahan and by his direction in the mind I composed these songs and sang those songs. While I was singing those songs, Swamiji would be doing yoga for a long time. After singing “Guru Sthothiram” I prayed for Swamiji’s boon for that Swamiji replied that as you cannot be hasty and you have to wait for the time. I kept this matter as a secret one. Now I am disclosing it with Swamiji’s blessings

My Prayer

Swamiji Please remove my evil thoughts!;
Bestow strength and “Nish Kamiyam”, to pray you with Pure heart;
I have to eat your Mala Prasadhamn so that all my three malams(Anava malam,Maya malam ,Karma malam) will be removed;
Give me the strength to control the five senses and free me from bondages;
Bless me to attain the “Nirvigalpa Samadhi” to realize the Self and merge with the God;

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