Swamy performed various Miracles, only very few of them are listed bleow.


    1.  Swamy Sitting in the Same Place for 19 Years
    2.  Appearing and Disappearing Miracle
    3.  Drinking the Poiseness Milk and Saved the People
    4.  Converting Iron Rod into Golden Rod - Alchemy Miracle
    5.  Two For One - Mind Reading Miracle
    6.  Swamy Appeared as a Tiger
    7.  Swamy Appeared as a Snake
    8.  God's Food
    9.  Incarnation of Lord Siva
    10. Swamy Delighted with Spiritual Songs
    11. Foretelling the Future
    12. Swamy and the Movie
    13. Angels Workshipping Swamy
    14. Dismantaling and Rejoining the Body Limbs - KandaYoga
    15. Swamy's Vishwaroopa Dharisanam
    16. Swamy Foretells the Election Result
    17. Swamy Wearing Multiple Shirts
    18. Swamy Telling the Location of Golden Ear Rings
    19. Protecting Many Devotess at the Same Time
    20. For Bad Conduct you will be Kicked with Boot
    21. Parrot Served Swamy
    22. Yogi Visited and Disappeared Suddenly
    23. Swamy Foretells his Samadhi Day
    24. Swamy Appeared at Thiruchendur after his Samadhi
    25. Marijuana and Stone
    26. Swamy Knows Everything
    27. Swamy Foretelling to Tamil Actress
    28. Swamy Telling the Location of Missed Jewels
    29. Banana and the Monkey
    30. Poondi Mahan a Puzzle
    31. Swamy's Blessed the Dump Child to speak
    32. Swamy Refussed to Accept the Garland
    33. Mahan and the Cat
    34. 10 Paisa Candy and the Basket full of Eatables
    35. A Man Reached Swamy through Nadi Astrology
    36. Group of Snakes Looking at Swamy
    37. Poondi Mahans Divine Appearance
    38. Vadai and Three Kinds of Dishes
    39. Swamy's Bilocation Miracles
    40. Swamy who could not Touched by the Flood
    41. Swamy Everywhere
    42. Swamy and Scorching Sun


Swamy Sitting in the Same Place for 19 Years

Swamy sitting in the same place for 19 years, without standing and walking away from that place. Swamy answered the nature calls there itself. Swamy was in the state of no mind, no feeling of body, no thirst, no hungry. He was always in Parabramam state. In this modern time we cannot see such a Sage who completely unaware of his body and needs.


Appearing and Disappearing Miracle

Once in a while Swamy was sitting in a place near Poondi village. Devotees apporeched him to feed food, suddenly Swamy disappeared and appeared in another place. Devotees surprised and once again approached him, again Swamy disappeared and appeared in another place. Swamy repeated this miracle many times. Devotees pleaded Swamy to take food, then Swamy settled in a place and taken the food.


Drinking the Poison and Saved the People

A milk vendor who daily used to go via Poondi. While going he asked Swamy “Do you want tea, coffee or milk?” and by asking this he used to go away.

In a single day Swamy used to drink 500 to 600 cups of tea and coffee even if it is hot, which were offered by devotees at a stretch. To some devotees he used to refuse and tell “keep there and go”.

Whenever milk vendor asked Swamy used to tell “not required” and keep silent. One day the milk man as usual asked Swamy, do you require any milk? Swamy said , “yes bring it”. The milk man lifted the can which contains 25 litres of milk with great difficulty and offered it, Swamy drank all the 25 lites of milk at a stretch easily. He also asked him to bring another can from his cycle which contains 6litres of milk and drank that also. The milk vendor stood against not knowing how to console his daily customers. Swamy said to him, “you can go” after the milk man left that place Swamy opened his mouth. Milk flowed from his mouth like a fountain and the whole street was flooded with milk. People gathered there found some dead scorpions and lizards in the milk. Swamy told them, “How many people would buy this poisoned milk. If they consume it what will happen?". By Swamy's grace the people were saved”.

When devas churned the milk ocean a deadly poison called ’Alakala’ emerged. Lord Shiva drank it and saved the world from Alakala. Here Swamy also consumed the poisoned milk and saved the people.


Converting Iron Rod into Golden Rod - Alchemy Miracle

After hearing about Swamy, One lady came from Chennai to Kalasapakkam to meet Swamy, while coming, on the way some thieves threatened the lady and snatched golden chain, golden ear studs, nose studs etc and ran away.

Then that lady saw the Swamy on the river bank. She bowed Swamy with tears and told Swamy “while coming to have your darshan, my jewels were lost. See my pitiable situation”. Swamy told “let poverty go. Don’t worry. Go to kalasapakkam and buy an iron rod from Manikam and come”. She searched Manikam’s house and as per Swamy’s advise, she brought an iron rod and returned. Manikam also followed that lady and stood on the river bank and watching. Swamy took the iron rod, saw twice and returned it to that lady. The lady received it and to her surprise iron rod was changed as gold worth for many thousands. “Go to your home” said Swamy and left the place.

By seeing this, Manikam wanted to get gold. He immediately went to his house and brought an iron and gave to Swamy and asked Swamy to change it into gold. Swamy refused and told “If mind ripens, birth is gold if mind does not ripe , birth is waste” . Manikam became greedy and wants gold from Swamy. Manikam with his friends tried to beat Swamy in Mettupalayam at Kunnadimedu. Immediately Swamy told “Muruga -- Muruga – Muruga(Lord’s Name)”. At that night, suddenly a peacock(Lord Muruga’s Vahanam) came and attacked those people. Seeing this, Manikam and his friends ran towards Kalasapakkam with fear. Even then, Manikam’s anger towards Swamy did not change. He thought “So far I feed Swamy so many times. Even after asking gold, he is refusing and given to some lady. I shouldn’t leave Swamy”.One day he along with his friends took Swamy on Bullock cart to Mallavadi forest near Chora Kolathur. They compelled Swamy to tell the secrets for making gold. Swamy was keeping silent and they tried to hurt the Swamy’s finger. Then Swamy told “Thinking gold don’t go waste. See the place for stay” .They went on hurting Swamy. He told them “If you oppose a saint, you will die”. At that time one among them took out a knife from his pocket and tried to stab Swamy .Suddenly a ferocious tiger appeared before them making a big noise. Manikam and his friends ran away with panic. When they reached the Vinayaka temple about 1.00am, to their astonishment they saw the bullock cart along with Swamy.

Another day a group of men who were interested in gold approached Swamy with an intention to kill him if he did not conceded their demands. They saw the torso of Swamy lying on the ground. His head, limbs and other body parts were separated from his body and were lying around the torso. The group thought that somebody had already killed him and they returned to their village. But the next day they saw Swamy wandering on the streets of Kalasapakkam with a bundle. They realized he was a man with many astonishing powers and they could not do any harm to him.


Two For One - Mind Reading Miracle

Swamy used to sit near a mosque situated in the market place of Kalasapakkam. One day a Muslim came to Swamy and began to feed him orange. When Swamy gulped one piece, two pieces began to fall down from his mouth – the man watching this, asked Swamy “What is this? For each piece you ate two pieces fall from your mouth.” Swamyji replied “He expecting two for one. That is why two, two pieces are coming from my mouth” The muslim was flabbergasted, he fell on Swamy’s feet and said “Swamy, please forgive me. I wanted to marry again another girl and came to you for your blessing,but now I realize my foolishness.”


Swamy Appeared as a Tiger

A man called Vellaiyan used to bring food for Swamy every night. Swamy used to lie down near a stone pillar outside Shiva temple. One day when Vellaiyan brought food for Swamy at 9 P.m. he saw a fierce tiger lying near the stone pillar, and he ran away from that place. This news spread throughout the town. When the people came there, Swamy was lying there and there was no tiger.


Swamy Appeared as a Snake

When Swamy was residing in Poondi a tea shop owner used to give him a cup of tea at 5 A.m . One day he went to offer the same to Swamy. While removing the curtain between him and the Swamy he used to give a courtesy call “Swamy”,but this time without giving making a call he removed the curtain. He saw a big black cobra lying there instead of Swamy. He ran away from that place in panic. When the people reached Swamy’s place, Swamy was lying there as usual and there was no sign of a cobra.


God's Food

Swamy mostly used to eat the Chappathi fruit and the river sand. When his followers fondly asked him “ Swamy we always bring you all kind of tasty food, why should you eat Chappathi fruit and river sand.” Swamy replied “What I take God’s food. You may go.”


Incarnation of Lord Siva

The presiding deity of Arunachaleswara in Thiruvannamalai used to visit Cheiyar river in Kalasapakkam during the seventh day after the new moon at Thai month called “Ratha Sapthami” and blessed the people there. Everyone thought that the God Arunachaleswara himself disguised as Swamy who looked like a mad man holding a dirty bundle to bless the people. This is because most of the senior people say that they saw the Swamy for the first time on that day of Ratha Sapthami at Chayyaru in Kalasapakkam near the temple.


Swamy Delighted with Spiritual Songs

There were two rich brothers in Kalasapakkam called Manikanainar and Thangavelu Nainar. Since most of the people in that area were poor, they could not eat rice during day time. They would take porridge made of ragi. If the children wanted to eat rice food they would come to house of the brothers. One day Manika Nainar was taking food for his brother who was working in the field near river bank. He was singing the songs of sage Manikavasaga on his way,at that time Swamy was sitting inside Nagadhali bush on the other bank of the river. Suddenly Manika Nainar heard the words “Manikavasaga, when I hear your songs, my heart gladdens.”

Manika Nainar was astonished to hear the words coming from that bush. Swamy told him “Don’t be afraid. You can go.” that night Manika Nainar gave the food meant for his brother to Swamyji. From that day onwards both the brothers used to go to the place of Swamy and feed him food made of rice.


Foretelling the Future

Swamy was sitting in front of Thangavelu Nainar’s house. Thangavelu tried to feed Swamy. At that time Swamy said “This year you avoid selling Manila seeds. I came here to warn you”. Swamy told his brother also to tell Thangavelu not to sell Manila seeds that year. But Thangavelu did not pay heeds to Swamy’s words. He continued to sell Manila seeds. He stacked lot of Manila seeds bundles near the river bank for drying. Suddenly there was a heavy rain and the river was flooded. The flood took away all the bundles. Thangavelu incurred a heavy loss . He had to sell some of his properties to stay afloat.


Swamy and the Movie

One day a follower of Swamy from Vilvarani village came to Swamy and said him “Swamy, in the touring theatre at Kalasapakkam, there rans a fine movie let us go and see it”. Swamy went with him to the theatre. The movie started. All the people watching the movie were shouting and whistling by seeing the adventures of the hero. But for the follower who took Swamy to the movie, nothing was visible . Only a white screen remained. He told Swamy “Everybody is watching the movie. But I could not see anything. The screen looks white to me. Can you see anything? ” Swamy replied “what can I do when physics and metaphysics fight with each other”. He left the theatre and went to his place near the river in Kalasapakkam. The follower followed him and asked “Swamy! I could not see any movie. What is the reason for this?!! Swamy said” “make your mind blank like a white screen that is good for you. You will get all the good things in life. It is hard to understand metaphysics. Why should we indulge in super human things leaving our work”.stay afloat.


Angels Workshipping Swamy

There was a black smith in Thiruvannamalai. After finishing his work in the evening he used to go through the river bank of Kalasapakkam to a place called Pazhankoil to drink the brew from the coconut tree. On the way he used to bow Swamy who used to sit on the dry river. Swamy was in yoga .One midnight while going on the river, the nadar saw 5 or 6 girls (teenaged) wearing pure white dress cooling with hand fan and were doing Aradhana to Swamyji with flowers and milk. He saw this at a distance of 100 approximately. He smelt a pleasant smell and breeze during summer time. At midnight 12.0’”clock he did not know to go in which direction and finally he ran towards Poondi Village. He saw this scene only for five minutes and everything vanished

Next day he went to Swamy and bowed and kept silent for sometime. Later he asked Swamy about the yesterday scene. Swamy told ” Its God’s secret ” and sang two Siddhar Songs and did not speak further.


Dismantaling and Rejoining the Body Limbs - KandaYoga

One day Thangavelu Nairnar, Shanmuga Nairnar and Poondi mason from Kalasapakkam went in search of Swamy to offer him food to the Vinayaka temple where he usually resided. But they were told that Swamy was inside the cremation ground near the temple and they went there. To their surprise they saw Swamy with his body parts separated from him. In Hata yoga this level of posture is called “Swarupa Siddhu”.

Thangavelu went around the body and prayed. Immediately Swamy’s body parts were joined with torso and they saw Swamy smiling at them. Swamy advised them not to come on untimely hours to disturb him. They fell on his feet and told him that it took time to prepare the food and they would never repeat this mistake again. The people who witnessed this Siddhu in Hata yoga are very much blessed.


Swamy's Vishwaroopa Dharisanam

Great people look and act like small children. A sadhu from pattambakkam near kadalur came for Swamy’s darshan. One night this sadhu and Swamy were lying on path which was in between Poondi and kalasapakkam. During night the sadhu woke up and looked for Swamy. To his astonishment he saw the Swamy eating small stones lying near the street. His size was also like vishwaroopa(Gaint). The sadhu got afraid and ran away to Poondi. The next day the sadhu went near Swamy and started asking him ”yesterday night” Swamy interrupted him saying “yes . Yesterday it was like that. You can go. Don’t come during untimely hours”. To Gnani’s like him stone is not different from a fruit.


Swamy Foretells the Election Result

KumaraSwamy recounted his encounters with Swamy when he was alive.”Once when general elections were held, I prayed Swamy to bless Indira Gandhi and congress party to win elections Swamy said “it will happen”. In same manner Indira Gandhi and congress won the elections and became Prime Minister of India. Once I wanted to put silk shirt on Swamy’s body, I went to the shop and bought a silk cloth. To be cautions I bought an extra length of cloth. When I gave it to the tailor he made a shirt for Swamy. I took the shirt and went to meet Poondi Mahan. When I reached Poondi there was a long queue waiting to have his darshan. I also stood at the end of queue in the scorching sun. Swamy was seeing each and everyone standing in the queue and blessed them. Policemen were controlling the crowd. A police officer stood before me saluting. He said “why are you standing in the queue? You can go straight away and see the Swamy”. Even though I refused, the police officer persisted on removing me from the crowd and succeeded. I had never seen the police officer before. I cracked my brain to remember him without success. I went near Swamy and put the shirt on him. It was too big in size for Swamy. ”I shall button the shirt” said Swamy.

Subramani said “I am a tailor by profession you need not worry, I shall alter the shirt to suit Swamy”.

Another devotee called Vaidyanathan from Mylapore shared his experiences with Swamy. “I am married for many years. But I don’t have a child. I went to so many places and finally came to Poondi. I prostrated before Swamy. Swamy said” Don’t worry you will be blessed with a child soon. In the same year my wife gave birth to a male child. From then onwards my whole family members became his devotees. I am taking part in every festival conducted here. I am doing pooja daily to his shoes which I had got from him. My son also is a devotee of Swamy. I needed Swamy’s blessings all the time and I should also realize it. Every Thursday I shall keep the Rastali Banana as a offering to him. I will think in my mind that he should never go rotten till the next Thursday and I eat the banana the following Thursday. Till today the miracles happen the banana never gets wasted. Lawyer KumaraSwamy, Vaidyanathan from Mylapore and many others who had assembled for the Thaipoosan festival shared experiences . All of them never consider Poondi Mahan as a great Gnani or Avatara Purusha, all firmly believe that he is the reincarnation of lord Shiva.


Swamy Wearing Multiple Shirts

A man bought a shirt for Swamy with very much difficulty he put the shirt on him. It also became one among the many old shirts which Swamy was wearing. Day by day Swamy’s right hand began swelling and blood flow in his right hand got affected. Subramani and Jagadeesa Swamy asked him whether they could cut the shirt and remove it. With a smile Swamy said “don’t worry it will become alright”. The swelling of the hand became bigger and bigger. Subramani requested him to allow him to remove the shirt. Finally Swamy accepted. Subramani started removing the new shirt with a pair of scissors. But he could not help cut away the other shirts which Swamy was wearing. He stood against when he looked at his right hand. The bone was visible. The right hand had become beyond redemption. Subramani went unconscious for sometime after seeing this. Later he started removing the blood from the hand with a piece of cloth. A miracle happened Swamy’s hand attained his original position. From then onwards his devotees did not put any shirt on him. He was wearing only a dirty cloth. Afterwards when pooja was done to him people would pour Abhisheka Theartha on him. Many would drink, the Abhisheka theertham. They were cured of many diseases.


Swamy telling the location of golden ear rings

A woman and her daughter from a place near Vellore came to visit Poondi Mahan. They took bath in the Poondi river. While taking bath mother removed the ear rings from her daughter and kept it in her sari. After finishing the bath, they stood in the queue for Swamy’s darshan. At that time the mother found her ear rings were missing. When they reached Swamy the mother said to him.”I kept my daughter’s ear rings while taking bath in the river it is missing now. You should help us to find that”. Then Swamy sang a movie song which means “if your eyes deceive you what can I do? This song is meant for the thing which is returning from Polur. They could not understand anything”. Just then a bus returning from polur came and stopped before them. Swamy said to the woman “you look at the rear tyre of the bus. You will find one of your ear ring sticking to the rear right tyre and the other one is inside a hole before you. To the surprise of the woman she exactly found the ear rings at the places Swamy mentioned. She was very happy. Like this so many miracles keep happening in Poondi and devotees crowd also increased a lot.


Protecting Many Devotess at the Same Time

Swamy’s attender Mr.Subramani’s wife Sanmargam Ammal who got pregnant and suffering a labour pain. She requested “Swamy! I am going to Vellore hospital. You should accompany and save me”.Swamy gave Viboothi to her and told “good. you can go I will be with you” and sent her .At Vellore hospital she prayed Poondi Mahan during delivery time. It was successful and she gave birth to a male child. At the same time at Poondi Swamy was sitting at Thinnai silently. At that moment a lady came bowed Swamy and asked Viboothi . But since Swamy was silent she was repeatedly asking Vibudhi from Swamy, Swamy told “Go away . At Vellore whether I see the lady who is suffering from labour pain or at Chengam Dhukkapettai, one lorry is going to topple and driver is calling me. Whether I see that or a man doing Pandal job unnecessarily talking and falling and he is calling . Whether I see that ? I am in great tense. You also came” and kept silence.

To margambal, the delivery was successful A devotee of Poondi Mahan, the driver of lorry prayed since the lorry was running without control since break failed at Chengam Thukkapettham. Due to his prayer, the lorry came to a halt after dashing at Tamarind tree.

At the same time at Thiruvannamalai, for Arunagiri ratha utsav where a labour who was crechy pandal pleeped and fell from a height of 50ft , some old man held him like a child and laid him on the ground.”Leaving job why talk unnecessarily” Swamy told and vanished.

After 3 days, Subramani wife came to Swamy with her child and also the lorry driver and man who was saved by Swamy in Thiruvannamalai. All the three came at the same time. Swamy told then “I am a single man I can’t look after you all the times you must be careful”.


For Bad Conduct you will be Kicked with Boot

From Kolar gold field , one man with serious disease which was caused by his bad conduct came to Swamy for darshan. He told a sadhu who was sitting near Swamy “I am suffering with heavy serious disease for past two years. Even after medicines it is not cured, if you tell mahan to cure my disease any how , I shall give a part of my property to mahan”.For that Sadhu told “you bow and request Swamy. He is Mercy Ocean. He will fulfil your wish. Tomorrow morning 3AM after taking bath, you come to Swamy with the wet cloth and request Swamy. If I ask Swamy will tell ”Do you want to take that Karma”.Hence you request him

Accordingly the man from Kolar next day morning 3AM after taking bath came to Swamy and waiting for his darshan. Swamy also was also looking at him silently. . After sometime when the man was silent , Swamy told “even animals mate only during the season time why did you misbehave with a poor girl? you have to suffer for your misdeeds”. The kolar man got feared. He thought “how he is able to tell the scene at kolar as if he has seen”. Hence he is not an ordinary man. He must be great deva purusa. Nobody else can cure my disease. Hence for four days continuously daily after taking bath at the river and came to Swamy and requested with tears. Fourth day Swamy told him a song of Pambatti chittar and kept silent. The man could not understand anything. He thought Swamy wanted to kick him with his shoes. A Sadhu near Swamy called the kolar man and told him” you don’t worry. For your disease Swamy has given the medicine thro his coded language, come here “I will tell in detail” and took him to river side and told the meaning of the song sung by Swamy .Because of your obscene and animal behavior you have got a deadly sexual disease. To cure that disease there is a herb called “Cherruppadi”(in tamil language it will give another meaning “kick with boot”) . He means that herb only. you have TB also. To cure your TB you should consume the juice of “Talisapthri” herb. The kolar man went to Swamy. Swamy did not talk to him and indulged in dyana. After six months, that man from kolar got cured and had darshan of Poondi Mahan then often he used to come to Poondi. He told Swamy “Swamy can I serve you in some way? Swamy told “you do your family life in a good way. The relation with Paradesi and shadow of palm tree are same”.


Parrot Served Swamy

When Swamy was sitting on eastern side Thinnai, a devotee gave a golden ring to Swamy for fulfilling his wish. Since the ring was small to Swamy’s finger, the finger got swelling in due course. Swamy did not bother the pain and was sitting silently.One day Thiruvalam Sivanandha Mownaguru Swamy came to have darshan of Swamy. He saw swelling and then he bought the green leaves of some herbs and took the essence and went to Swamy to apply on the finger. Poondi Mahan told “That finger wanted gold. So let it suffer. don’t apply medicine leave it,for this one person will come let him do”. After some days a parrot daily came at 11am and bite the finger and thus the swelling reduced and also the ring was removed.


Yogi Visited and Disappeared Suddenly

Among them, one yogi was having very long hair such that the hair would touch the ground and sweep the ground and also he wore a long single piece shirt. He was speaking tamil in north Indian slang. His eyes were red. On seeing them people got affraid. He came before Swamyji and was sharply looking at Swamyji for 15 minutes. Then he took one black cobra from his big shirt. The cobra bite his hand and again he put the cobra inside the shirt pocket. Again he took the same and put in his packet after biting his hand. He was repeatedly doing like this.

Swamyji watched these and then asked yogi “he is having many sons, those sons are suffering . Leave him. For somebody’s bad deeds , why punish him? Think good, do good then we get good things”. These things are not necessary for our status he told further. That yogi laughed and told “I obey your order” and walked some distance then suddenly he vanished .By seeing this in the midnight six of the devotees got feared and legs and hands were started shivering . At that time, one friend of Swamy told “these things are what said as Maya Swamy ?”. Swamy replied “why you bother? This is god’s secret. You find the way to save yourself”.Even today many yogis are coming to the Samadhi during night and they returns.


Swamy Foretells his Samadhi Day

The Mahan who was in Poondi for 19years never stirred out from his place. the persons who receive the real gnana from him.Two days before he attained mukthi he told the gathering.”You asked me to sit and lie.I am fed up .Do me the Abhishekam forever”(do me the last abishekam). The Poondi Mahan knew before hand when he would attain mukthi. He used to say “Pooran, Pooradam, Anusham. Friday after Thursday Chukravaram”. In the year 1978 , 3rd November(friday) Suklapatcham , Tiruyodhasi, Anusha star first at 9:40AM he united with Parabrahmam and became Jyothi Swaroopa . On the day he attained samadhi there was heavy rain.

Not only from Tamilnadu, but from Karnataka, Andhra and Northern States, thousand of his devotees reached Poondi to pay their homage in that heavy rain. After 3 days of his death on the month of Ippasi 19th Sunday in Panchami Tithi and Moola star a Samadhi was erected for him in padmasana pose. The Manadala Abhishekam was completed on 22nd Dec 1978. The samadhi was constructed according to “Agama” rules. The place for constructing a Samadhi for a mahan is usually the place where he lived or bank of tank, river bank or a flower garden. So the Samadhi for Poondi Mahan was erected on the bank of Chayyaru which was in the centre of the village. Near his samadhi bags and bags of Viboothi and gold, silver and jewels and the money and gem stones which the devotees offered him were also buried along with scented articles. In the year 1987 11th June Thursday at Anusha star, holy water was sprinkled on his Samadhi by Guruji Sundara rama Swamygal, Perur RamaSwamy Adigal Sundara Swamy from Kovai sivarama linganar Subramanya Swamygal etc . Subramani who was serving Swamy all the times had also an opportunity to sprinkle holy water on his samadhi.


Swamy Appeared at Thiruchendur after his Samadhi

A couple from Madurai used to visit Poondi to worship Swamy. In the year 1978, 3rd November, Friday they had come to Tiruchendur temple to have darshan of Lord Muruga at 10Am. After taking bath in the sea at 9AM they were coming to the temple. They saw a person leaning on a wall near the temple and looking at the sea.When they went near him, they were surprised. It was Poondi Mahan they fell on his feet and asked him “when did you come to Tiruchendur? Why are you sitting alone? Have some food and come to our place”. Swamy replied “I have two sons. One is a tailor and another is a teacher. Neither the tailor nor teacher takes care of me .So I left Poondi and came to Thiruvannamalai there also nobody to take care of me. So I left Thiruvannamalai and came to kolimalai there also nobody to take care of me”. So I came here. I want to go to Himalayas. The couple tried to feed him but he refused. The couple went from there, had darshan of lord Muruga and were returning. While going to the lodge in which they were staying they said “He used to be in Poondi for many years. How he came here?”. They bought newspaper from a shop. In headlines the message was there “Poondi Mahan has attained mukthi ”.Just an hour ago only they had seen the Swamy near the temple. They rushed to the place where they met him. But he was not there. They searched the whole town of Tiruchendur but he was not to be seen, they rushed to Poondi. They saw the holly body of mahan and burst into tears. They were staying in Poondi till the Samadhi for Swamy was erected. Four days before he attained Samadhi, a woman called chinthamani and a man called Narayana Udaiyar bowed before him to get Vibudhi. Swamy told them “Till now I have listened to you. From now onwards you listen to me”. He asked them to take the Vibudhi themselves from the bag. When another woman called Nayudu Amma came to him he told her “I am ready to give enormously but nobody is there to receive. So i am going to close the shop”. He refused here also Vibudhi .After 4 days he closed his Gnana shop and attained mukthi.

When we go to a Mahan we seek him to relieve our problems like property, child, disease etc. But we never attempts to receive a drop of Gnana from that ocean of Gnana. We are always immersed in our day to day problems. We fail to look inwardly. That is why Gnani’s like him get fed up , close their shop and go away. We should learn to lead a contended life. We should try to attain the mukthi where there is no re-birth.


Marijuana and Stone

Three friends from Avalurpet in Thiruvannamalai came to visit Swamy. They placed Ganja(Marijuana)in 3 cigarettes and offered them to Swamy. Swamy smoked all the 3 cigarettes at a stretch and remained calmly. They went to river bank, one of the friends said “He smoked three cigarettes and he does not feel anything and sitting like a stone. Let us offer one more cigarette”. Once again they returned to abode and offered another cigarette. Swamy said to them “this man is sitting like a stone after smoking all the three cigarettes. This is an ordinary Swamy”. He gave them Vibuthi and sent them back. They thought that he was not an ordinary Swamy and he was a great mahan. Many think that Swamy’s smoke kanja, beedi, cigarette etc. Actually they never care about this materialistic world. They never care about worldly things. They never need any taste. They don’t have any wishes. A real Gnani forgets about his body and always indulges in Athma Swarupa. Poondi Mahan is such a Gnani. He is beyond human estimations.


Swamy Knows Everything

Four men were playing cards in a club at Tambaram(a place in Chennai City). Three of them were merchants and one was a bus owner. One of the merchant was an ardent devotee of Poondi Mahan. He was losing money in the gambling. He prayed Swamy “I am losing. please give me good cards”. The other three asked him “why are you always telling Poondi Swamy ,who is he ,what he is doing”. The devotee started telling about Swamy and his powers. “If you visit him you will get all the good things in life. This is my own experiences.” the devotee told. The bus owner said “the Swamys all are humbuck people. They are lazy. They cheat the public”. The devotee got angry. He started arguing with the bus owner. The bus owner said “All right. I will agree with you if I win all the games”. Then we all will go and visit him. To his surprise he won all the games and he made a lot of money. All the four people came to Poondi to visit to the Mahan. It was 1 AM. Swamy pointed them to his assistant Subramani and told him “king, queen, Clubs, Joker. You tell me. In those days if you play cards would we ask God to assist us”. All the four people got afraid. They cheat the public. They realized Swamy knew about their gambling. Then Swamy told the bus owner “Swamy are lazy people. They cheat the public.” The bus owner was shocked. He fell on Swamy’s feet and said “Swamy please forgive me. I was not knowing your powers”. Swamy replied “That is all right. Think good and do good. You will be happy ”. When the devotee approached him for Vibudhi, he asked him “why do you mingle me in your gambling? Is it fair? Don’t gamble. Work hard and earn money by proper means”.


Swamy Foretelling to Tamil Actress

Famous Tamil actor S.V.Subbaiah and a famous Tamil heroine were the devotees of Swamy and often visited him. One day they took curd rice, lemon rice and Dhal rice in big vessels and came to meet Swamy. The actress told Swamy “we wanted to do annadhana for about 500 people in your name and we have brought the food”. But there is no crowd here Swamy replied Don’t worry people from Palani are coming for dal rice and people from Thanigai are coming for curd rice and people going to Erumeli are coming for lemon rice. The actress thought he was joking. But to her surprise see found three buses and going to Sabaninda and Palani and third one going to Madurai. Stopping before them. The tourists got out from the buses and prayed Swamy. He said to them “Lemon rice, curd rice and dhal rice are waiting for you”. Go and eat it. He asked actress to feed the tourists and she was happy.


Swamy Telling the Location of Missed Jewels

A Couple from Polur has visited the hospital at Kadaladi village with one year old child. On their way they felt thirsty and drank the water in the Elathur lake. After the hospital visit they were returning to the village. Then only the wife realized that the jewel made of ten sovereigns was missing. She reported this to her husband. An old woman who saw the plight of the couple advised them to visit Poondi Mahan. The couple also came to the Swamy and before telling their problem. Swamy said “yes, male wave, female wave, hospital, bottle, Elathur lake. You can go” the couple did not know what he was saying. Then one of his devotee enquired the couple. Couple told their problem then devotee told “while returning you drank water from the Elathur lake. Go to the lake and search you will find your jewel. Swamy means this only”. The couple returned to the Elathur lake and searched the place from where they drank the water. There was a jewel they were searching for. Poondi Mahan became their visible god.


Banana and the Monkey

A Chettiar woman from Arani came to the bus stand to visit Swamy. She bought some banana to offer Swamy. Suddenly a monkey appeared there, robbed half of the plantains from her hands and disappeared. The woman thought, “It is a poor creature. It is also an ATHMA. Let it eat it.” Then she came to meet Swamy she was in two minds, thinking whether she should offer the remaining plantains to Swamy. Swamy laughingly said to her, give me the remaining banana. Monkey is also an ATHMA, and I am also an ATHMA. Let this ATHMA eat now”. She was surprised. How he came to know what happened at Arani bus stand? She thought of telling him her grievances. She received the Vibuthi from him and stood outside. Another couple came to Swamy. The husband said “my wife has serious stomach-ache. You should only cure her”. Swamy replied “you can live with thousands of mother-in-law” but you cannot live even a single minute with your sister-in-law”. The Chettiar women from Arani was surprised. Her daughter had come to her house fighting with her in laws. She did not want to go there again. The woman came to Swamy to ask about that only. Swamy correctly predicted her dilemma and had given the answer to her. The woman told the couple that ”Swamy answer is for me, his Vibuthi will cure all your problems. You can go happily”. Vibuthi(holly ash) is a priceless thing.


Poondi Mahan a Puzzle

Nobody could understand about Swamy’s origin. If anybody ask about it , he would say something irrelevant and escape. He used to say “I was Kolli Mountain for 40 years and at Tiruporur for 30 years. I was a cowboy at Tiruporur mutt”. I also used to clean the mutt daily. I was bored and so I left the mutt leaving the 11 keys which were given to me. He also used to say “I was at kutralam near the falls for 12years. I used to eat the fruits which were available there like banana, mango and jack fruit. Wild animals like lion, tiger etc used to roam there. But I was not afraid. I was also at Thiruvannamalai when the big shiva temple sanctum wall was built. I used to carry stones for wages”. Everybody was keen to know about his origin. But they could not succeed. Swamy had two friends Sivanandha Mudaliar and Narayana Swamy Mudaliar. They fed Swamy wherever he was. They were very close to Swamy. They requested Swamy to tell about his parents.

For that Swamy replied “my grandfather would give a pencil for two thambadi and asked me to go and return carefully via rail road”

“In Karthikeyan bus service by paying 22 1/2 paisa I went with slate and books. At KAsthambadi kalambur downside, got down. From then reached polur Mampattu base hill. While coming, Trichur Rathanavelu was playing cards. He asked me “how are you”. I replied “I am alright”. At tiruchur paddy fields, found mud”. I walked carefully one day a sadhu asked Swamy to guide him to Gnana marga. He replied “you should understand the technical language, that is a very complicated path ”. He also sang a song and explained its meaning. It was about Gnana marga which sadhu asked.


Swamy's Blessed the Dump Child to speak

A couple from Tirukoilur came to Swamy and said to him that they were not having a child for a long time. Swamy replied “All of you do many karma and come to me at the last movement. What can I do?”. Again the couple requested him to bless them with a child. Swamy gave them Vibuthi and told them” soon you will have a child”. The couple made a owe if they had a male child then after 6 months they would bring the child, weigh him at the Swamy’s feet and Swamy will give the name for the child. As Swamy said they blessed with a male child, but they forgot their owe. They did not go to Swamy. Even after 6 years child could not speak. Couple went to many doctors and temples and did dhanas(charity), but there was no effect. At last they came to PoondiSwamy, Swamy said “for the last 6 years you have forgotten me and the promise you made. Even then I shall do something for you”. The couple fell on his feet and requested them to forgive him. He also asked them to be in Poondi for some time. After a week their son started talking. Afterwards they often visited Poondi and had his blessings now their son is a higher government official.


Swamy Refussed to Accept the Garland

Three friends from Madurai wanted to see Swamy.They bought a garland for Swamy. First they went to Thiruvannamalai temple. One of them said “This garland is very big and nice. It will look good on lord Nataraja’s idol. Another said” No No… This is meant for Poondi Mahan. After Thiruvannamalai visit they went to Poondi. All the three stood before Poondi Mahan and one of them tried to garland Swamy. Swamy stopped him and said “this garland is very big and nice”. It will look good on lord Nataraja’s idol. This is meant for Nataraja only. All the three got afraid about how Swamy know what they were talking in thiruvannamalai and fell on his feet saying “please forgive us”. Swamy laughed and said “the thing which is here is there and the thing which is there is here”. Finally Swamy accepted the garland with mercy.


Mahan and the Cat

Swamy has many cats which were ash in colour. They used to roam all over his body. He used to carry them fondly when he was rating then would also eat with his for many days like men standing on their hind legs and eat the food with forelegs. Till today we can find cats in Swamy’s Samadhi.


10 Paisa Candy and the Basket full of Eatables

one day a rich reddiar family came to Poondi for Swamy’s darshan. They brought basket full of various kinds of sweets and eatables with them. A washer woman requested reddiar to take her also along with them in the bullock cart. She was having a small Candy worth of 10 paisa to offer Swamy. When reddiar family reached the Swamy’s residence and unloaded the baskets before Swamy. Swamy asked him to keep them at a distance. They obeyed him and did so and had his darshan. The washer woman got confused. She thought when Swamy refused such costly gifts how he would accept her small Candy. Hence she did not give the Candy to Swamy. She got the Vibudhi from Swamy and started moving. At that time Swamy asked her “Give the Candy which is meant for me.” She fell on Swamy’s feet and said Swamy! Since you refused such costly eatables I was afraid that you would refuse mine also. Then Swamy sang a meaningful song and kept quiet. Swamy always used to talk in coded language .If one looks at his words superficially he would not understand anything. But after sometime he will realize the meaning of the word.


A Man Reached Swamy through Nadi Astrology

A devotee from Mayavaram came to Swamy in the month of Karthigai. At that time the river was flooded. The devotee took bath in the river brought a jug full of river water and cleaned Swamy’s feet with it. He offered fresh cow’s milk to Swamy. Swamy refused to take it saying “I don’t want it who will bear someone’s karma?”. Mayavaram man explained a devotee of Swamyi that.” I am coming from Mayavaram. I am having a deadly disease. I spent a lot of money but I couldn’t get cured. Then I approached an astrologer in Tanjore . He studied my palm leaf bundle and told me “your fore fathers had stolen properties from a temple and used them for their own purposes. That is why you have got this disease. To get rid of this you should go to Poondi Mahan and offer him fresh cow’s milk at 5 am”. That is why I have come and offered milk to Swamy. But he refused to take it”.

After sometime a sadhu brought a man from Mayavaram to Swamy and requested him to cure his disease. Swamy told him “let him come here for some days. Sins will go step by step. The disease which came due to karma would only go thru dharma”. The Mayavaram man offered cow’s milk to Swamy every Thursday. Gradually his disease reduced and soon he was cured completely. This is an example of Swamy’s power.


Group of Snakes Looking at Swamy

In villages all activities will close down by 7pm. It is the month of adi. Torrential rains rocked Poondi with heavy lightning and thunder for 3days. A devotee of Swamy knowing that the Swamy had not taken food for three days. Cooked corn flour cake and took it to Swamy’s place at 11pm. He was near the 50’ away from Swamy. Suddenly there was a lightning. In front of Swamy 10 to 15 snakes were standing looking at Swamy without dancing. The devotee got afraid, dropped the food meant for Swamy and stood at his place still. When he heard a voice saying “man coming, man coming”. But he could not see any person before him except the snakes. At that time another man appeared before him with a hurricane lamp. He asked the devotee “why are you standing here alone?”. The devotee described its intention and the scene he saw before him. The other man said “I am coming from Swamy’s place only, I have not seen any snakes. It was an illusion you said. Go to your house and sleep. The next day morning the people asked the man about this. He replied” yesterday I was not at all in this town. I had been to polur and I have returned only today at 8AM. The people were wondering what happened during at night. Who appeared in the form of snakes? Who was the man with hurricane lamp? But till now nobody could found answer for these. This news spread rapidly to nearby villages and town also. The crowd which wanted to have a darshan of Swamy became bigger and bigger. They offered him many kinds of fruits, garland, sweets, money etc and put them near him on this street Swamy said “nobody should touch those things. They have offered these to get rid of their karmas and if anybody touches those things. They have offered these to get rid of their karmas and if anybody touches those things the karmas would grab them.” So the offerings became like a little mountain. The biggest surprise is those fruits would never got rotten and no creatures like ants, mosquitoes etc appeared near them. There was a pleasant smell emanating from the fruit hill. Devotees often saw a big snake lying near Swamy. But it would never harm anyone at anytime. People began to think that he might be a “Pambatti siddha”


Poondi Mahan's Divine Appearance

Swamy would be sitting on the Thinnai for many days without moving that place doing yoga. There were number of shirts on his body one over another offered by the devotees. One could find many insects and small creatures like scorpion, Lizard, snake, etc inside his shirt pockets. He would never care for anything. He would be sitting on Thinnai in the posture of Dakshinamurthy. On his palms ants would penetrate and go the other side. Sometimes from the holes made by the ants on his legs , worms would be crawling out. He would be watching all these silently. If a scorpion came out from his shirt he would pick it and put inside his pocket saying shiva resides inside these creatures also. It would do no harm. Since he was sitting at a place constantly for many days without stirring his shit looked like a small mountain the cesspool hit the ceiling but there was an aroma of Tavvadlum incense sticks etc. The shit hardened and became like a wax and his devotees used crow bar to remove that and take it to their homes., but there was no bad smell.


Vadai and Three Kinds of Dishes

One day Swamy was sitting in a market place near the star temple. An old woman tried to feed him porridge made of ragi. Swamy refused it saying “I don’t want it. Some people from Vellore have come to offer me vadai with three dishes. But they don’t know the route to this place and they are at Polur. I shall guide them, you can go”. After sometime a family visited Swamy with vadai and three different dishes. They had not seen Swamy before. When they saw Swamy they were astonished. They said “you only guided us this place at Polur bus stand an hour ago. How did you reach here so soon?”, But Swamy kept quite. The woman who were brought porridge told them “He has not moved this place from three days. He told me that some people from Vellore would offer him food and he would guide them to this place”. The people who bought food were surprised and happily offered the food to Swamy


Swamy's Bilocation Miracles

A driver and a conductor kept Swamy with them in a bus which was going from Chengam to polur during the last trip. The next day morning they offered him Tea at 5am and asked him to remain in Chengam. Swamy agreed and went near the river, When the bus was going from Chengam to polur they saw Swamy along the river bank near the star temple in Vilvarani. They could not believe their eyes since from Chengam to Vilvarani there was no bus. They were wondering how we came there since they left him at Chengam they stopped the bus and prostrated before Swamy along with passengers.


Swamy who could not Touched by the Flood

Swamy’s fame spread among the people rapidly. He was wandering with towns of Vilvarani, Melarani, Elathur, Kadaladi, Elingaravadi, Mambakkam etc. He never asked anything from anybody. He could often seen near Parvatha Mountain near Thenpadhimangalam, Here there is a temple for MallikarjunaSwamy and Brahamarambigai. Many Siddhas perform puja during night time in this temple. Swamy was sitting inside the river running in between Poondi and Kalasapakkam and was doing dhyanam. Due to heavy rains suddenly the river was flooded. But never moved from his place. The flood did not touch him. The floods spared his place and was moving around him with great speed. People were astonished by seeing this.


Swamy Everywhere

A driver and a conductor kept Swamy with them in a bus which was going from Chengam to polur during the last trip. The next day morning they offered him key at 5am and asked him to remain in Chengam. Swamy agreed and went near the river, When the bus was going from Chengam to polur they saw Swamy along the river bank near the star temple in Vilvarani. They could not believe their eyes since from Chengam to Vilvarani there was no bus. They were wondering how we came there since they left him at Chengam they stopped the bus and prostrated before Swamy along with passengers.


Swamy and Scorching Sun

During the month of Chittirai, the sun was scorching the town of Vilvarani, Swamy was walking on the tar road near the star temple for a long time. One asked “Swamy why are you walking in this torried weather on this road for nearly two hours?!! Swamy replied lemon rice and lemon pickle are good for health. There is heavy market rush”. On that evening a couple for Tirupathur wanted to see Swamy and was enquiring about his where abouts to the village people. The village people pointed Swamy to them. The couple were astonished. They told we saw this man today morning at 10Am at Tirupathur market. We wanted to visit Swamy and offer him lemon pickle and lemon rice. We went to market and searched for lemon. But we could not get it. We were going round the market with hope of getting some lemons. We could not succeed we thought of going back to our village. At that time, an old man came to us with a basket full of lemons. He gave the basket to us for the price we asked and went away. The old man was the same Swamy we are seeing now they prayed Swamy. He told them”lemon rice and lemon pickle are good for health”. The village people told the couple the Swamy is sitting here for the past five days and has not moved anywhere. You are a blessed couple. That is why he gave darshan to you.

To Gnani’s like Swamy performing this kind of miracle is not difficult. Actually for people like him lemon rice and lemon pickle is not at all important for their health. They first mingle with common soul and fulfill their wishes for them by accepting small gifts. They are able to raise their kundalini power to their forehead and can drink the elixir meant for gods. They are apart from passion and hatred. They are beyond our human imagination.